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Metaplasme Pradon 2019


Prints, 2019

Using techniques of photographic enlargements of a silver film in the way to transform it into a digital view, the Metaplasm series is a proposal to create an image fibrillation, playing with the abysses that link the original to its double, triple, quadruple... Leaving the image’s frame appear, Metaplasm invite the viewer to adopt many postures and angles to establish a point of view which associate the near and the far. These images question the process to form a landscape in material, imagined or cosmic matter.

Technical data
6 prints on PVC Banner, galvanised aluminium eyelets, 200x130 cm/each
Assemblage: 780 x 130 cm

Exhibition view "Paysages Manufacturés" (Manufactured Landscapes), Lyon Contemporary Art Biennale - resonance, Dardilly. Curators: Margaux Auria & Joris Thomas.

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