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Lignes écrites © Adagp Paris 2021 Pradon

Lignes écrites

Photograph series, 2021

A series of white surfaces, set by coloured discs in which the sun creeps in and creates shadows. These hollows or bowls are integrated into the tombs of the marine cemeteries of Sidi Bou Saïd (Tunis Governorate) and Mahdia. Traditionally incorporated into the graves to be vessels of seeds and water for the birds living in the area, these small containers act as a bridge between those who passed away and Nature, to which he remains liable.
The photographs depicts this infinity of nuances, shadows and lights, revealing the pictorial
matter and shape in each frame. Silent constellations anchored to the ground, polished,
scaled, washed, cracked and improved over time. They remember us the unspeakable nature of such soft and gentle patience, conquered with the intensity of the light.



Technical Data
16 pigment prints on Fine Art paper, 44 x 30 cm each

+ catalogue

+ Metaphora, prélude
Solo Show
Little Gallery of Cité internationale des arts

Curator, Claire Luna
April 9th - 30th 2021

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