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Conversations is an editorial project made of interviews with directors and artists whose video-cinematographic works are characterized by a reflection on the places of cinema and its possible links with exhibition spaces and contemporary art.


This research work is driven by the desire to collect new testimonies, in connection with the conceptual and formal issues developed by artists. Their works accompany this attempt to reflect on today's cinema and, more broadly, on how they embrace this question.

— Volumes I & II

Master thesis

École supérieure d'art et design de Saint-Étienne, 2015 February

Paperback, 134 p. + Foreword / 25 copies:


Volume I
Conversation with Sanaz Azari (Belgium - Iran), 2015

I stopped the course of what I was doing to make a film of it, so we can say that it is a bit like cinema that takes over reality.
About the movie "I comme Iran" (2014)

Volume II

Conversation with Marie Voignier (France), 2015

I focus on situations that carry elements of fiction as elements of cinema.

About the movies "Tourisme International" (2014), "Hinterland" (2009) and "L'hypothèse du Mokélé M'bembé" (2011)

— Volume III

Conversation avec Ismaïl Bahri

They shown me what I had no idea how to see.
Jeu de Paume Magazine, 2017 June

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— Volume IV

Conversation with Marcel Dinahet
Returning to a place that has already been percieved.

IN "Chemins de la création : Arts et territoires", Various authors.

La Muette, 2021 October

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