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Bleu auquel nous appartenons © Adagp Paris 2021 Pradon

Blue To Which We Belong (το Μπλε στο οποίο ανήκουμε)

Video installation, 2020 - 2021

Blue To Which We Belong is a fictional video-installation based on the true story of an ancient ship’s crossing between Greece and Tunisia. Its cargo, full of bronze and marble art pieces, went recovered from the seabed of the Mediterranean Sea at the beginning of the last century and is exhibited at the Bardo Museum in Tunis. Historical pieces shaped by the work of time, these torsos, faces and columns of marble, eroded away by two thousand years of immersion, went subjected to the effects of salt and sea currents.

Metaphor means «transport» in Greek, a word to be used in its utilitarian value (transit of goods), as in its conceptual and philosophical dimension (movement / fixity, desire).

Blue To Wich We Belong is as an empirical creation and an invitation to explore this notion of transport, through the space and the image. Borrowing the methods of the documentary approach (shipwreck narration, accounts of submarine excavations) towards an experimental and fragmented narrative displayed as a minimalist visual installation, staged by calling upon collective and intimate imaginaries.

Technical data
Vidéo installation 2020-2021

Produced by the French Cultural Institute of Tunisia - Villa Salammbô Residency
Co-produced by the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles

With the support of Selma Feriani Gallery


• Dhouha Abdelghani, Maximilien Becq-Giraudon, Maha Ben Abdeladhim, Wafa Ben Slimane, Farah Ben Slimane, Younes Ben Slimane, Lionel Briand, Marianne Catzaras, Agnese Čemme, Olfa Chakroun, Nejmeddine Daldoul, Selma Feriani, Marie Gayet, Mira Hamdi, Marvin Hessine, Adnen Jday, Mouna Jemal-Siala, Habib Kazdaghli, Ahmad Ksibi, Denis Lesage, Edia Lesage, Valérie Lesbros, Insaf Mejri, Fatma Naït Yghil, Nadia Omri, Rossela Paolicchi, Sophie Renaud, Alexis Romero, Riadh Siala, Petra Swaïs, François Tiger

• Agence de mise en valeur du patrimoine et de promotion culturelle, Cité de la Culture, Institut français de Tunisie, Institut National du Patrimoine, Musée du Bardo - Tunis, Maison Evelyne - Mahdia, Cité internationale des arts - Paris

+ Metaphora, prélude
Solo Show
Little Gallery of Cité internationale des arts

Curator, Claire Luna
April 9th - 30th 2021

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